Our Staff


We are aware that the staff at the Gresham will always play a major role in resident’s welfare, to maximise this contribution, we ensure the following:

 Employ staff in sufficient numbers and with the relevant mix of skills and experience to meet the needs of our residents.

  • Observe recruitment policies and practises, which both respect equal opportunities and protect our resident’s safety and welfare.
  • Offer our staff a range of training, which is relevant to their induction, foundation experience and career development.


We employ a vigorous recruitment Process to ensure that only employees who are capable of providing competent care are brought into the organisation. Our selection process involves a complete background check, medical screening, CRB Checks (Criminal records Bureau Checks), ISA First Checks and an Interview.  Two references are obtained and a three month induction period is implemented, which ensures quality staff.

Qualifications and Experience

The Gresham recognises the relationship between the development of its employees with the care of its residents and the growth of the business. All carers are required to achieve a minimum NVQ level 2 in care. A range of other certified training, such as first aid, handling medication, food hygiene, fire safety, manual handling etc. is provided for all staff and forms part of ongoing training and personal development.